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Bearing in mind the coronavirus epidemic, the current economic situation and its perspectives, and basing on the results of the analysis of the Company's competences and experience, the Management Board - with the approval of the Supervisory Board – lately came to the conclusion that the biggest opportunity for the Company is to focus on the hemp and health sectors. In connection with the above, the Management Board envisages changing the name of the Company to "Hemp & Health S.A."

As part of HEMP division, the Company will focus on seeking and contracting hemp crops in Poland and abroad, processing harvested crops on its own, and implementing production under clients' own brands, as well as launching a sales platform connecting producers and buyers of all types of hemp products.

The HEALTH division will be the one in which the company will develop further its competences. The scope of activities will include brokerage in the import and/or direct distribution of medical masks, tests for COVID-19 coronavirus and other medical products through big medical and retail channels.
The Company's commencement of this activity is possible due to international relations built during the development of the hemp business.
At the intersection of both fields - cannabis and medicine - the Company plans activities related to the use of CBD/THC cannabinoids to combat the effects and prevent recurrence of the COVID-19 coronavirus epidemic.

As part of the HEALTH segment, the Company plans to sign a few distribution agreements for medical devices, as well as joint ventures, taking into account the possible needs of R&D works.
An example of operation in the HEALTH division was signing on 24/03/2020 the agreement with the Chinese company Innovita (Tangshan) Biological Technology Co., Ltd., under which the Company became a distributor of Innovita products on the territory of Poland, including tests for coronavirus 2019-nCoV Ab (Colloidal Gold).

Further planned activities include:
1. Determining the possibility of using activated carbon produced from industrial hemp in filters for medical and hospital use, as well as masks with a BFE bacterial filtration rate exceeding 98%, retaining pathogenic microorganisms as well as bacteria and viruses (including COVID-19 coronavirus). The R&D to be carried out in cooperation with scientists and universities and specialist scientific institutes.
2. Preparation and conducting social research on the effects of CBD / THC cannabinoids on bacteria and viruses, including COVID-19 coronavirus. In this regard, the Company will want to provide CBD / THC products and provide a special application to support and manage research.
3. Establishing cooperation with companies looking for the possibility of using and using hemp in the production of the vaccine against the coronavirus COVID-19.
4. Establishing cooperation with companies producing oils and dietary supplements, based on hemp, supporting epilepsy treatments and strengthening and immunizing the nervous system.


Zawarcie umowy – list intencyjny, dotyczący współpracy w zakresie upraw konopi.

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Zakończenie subskrypcji akcji serii F

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Zawarcie umowy o współpracy z PolKanna Health Sciences Inc.

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Zawarcie umowy – list intencyjny, dotyczący współpracy w zakresie upraw konopi.

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Aktualizacja strategii

Added: 15.10.2019

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